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Our products are using coconut fiber and natural rubber glue for production which are 100% natural and biodegradable.

                Our top management from number one of passenger seat manufacturer in Thailand who has managed everything in factory by himself such as marketing, finance and production, through various crises for more than 40 years and passed on to the 2nd generation and bring high technologies and new knowledge to further grow the business even further.

                 From the success of factory’s management and experience on machinery and tooling. He was developing the machine by himself and applied the new idea on machine from his experience, to create new products as his motto is “Having his own products is one of property that can turn to be an income for supporting family”.

                  According to our top management’s life style. He likes to go around country side on weekend. He saw that most of the farmer in Thailand planting a lots of coconut trees and only can sell coconut balls without shell. So that mean the shell become waste. After discussed with the farmer, He thought back in the pass, people used coconut fiber from coconut shell to be a component of the seat instead of chemical foam that currently use in this age.

                  Nowadays people planting the trees by using plastic bag or plastic pot. As everyone know that the plastics are not decomposed and become pollution when destroy. Then he realizes that transforming the coconut fiber to be the pots is a good solution for everyone. Farmer have no burden on dispose of coconut shell. Planter also getting advantage from planting on coconut pots such as Increase aeration and retains water, no transplanting shock, the roots to grow freely, etc. Especially, its good solution for environment as this coconut pots are 100% Biodegradable and natural. 



Testing specification : Heavy metals and other toxic substances.

We’re leader in Thailand for coir products. Our products are 100% Biodegradable and natural.